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When you think of online casino bonuses, what comes to mind first? If it's the dollar amount(s) in bold, that doesn't surprise us. There's nothing wrong with being preoccupied with the size of the bonus. However, many gamblers have spent their short-lived betting careers chasing the biggest promotions they could find without reading the fine print. Some are penniless and wanting to this day.

Gamblers who aren't afraid to look a gift-horse in the mouth have a better time at online casinos. If your priority is to pocket as much as you can and have fun doing it, then you will want to pay closer attention to bonus offer wagering requirements. Often overlooked, underestimated, and ignored until its too late, wagering requirements make or break casino bonuses. We believe the best promotions offer low wagering stipulations, and you should always be on the lookout for them. Here, we'll explain the importance of wagering requirements, and why a low wagering casino bonus is your best friend.

What are the Types of Casino Bonuses?

Before we go into low wagering promotions, we should talk about the most prevalent casino bonuses in the industry. Each of these casino bonuses may have varying terms and conditions between sites, many with low wagering, high wagering, and even no wagering requirements attached. It can get overwhelming, deciding which casino bonus combination will yield the best results. Rest assured, there is a casino bonus for every kind of online gambler.

There are three main casino bonuses that may or may not have low wagering rules: matched deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spin bonuses. The best bonus for you depends on your priorities. Some gamblers are more interested in long-term loyalty benefits--in it for the thrill of gambling above everything else. Whether or not any of these bonuses are low wagering is not as much of a concern. The average gambler, we believe, benefits most from these three casino bonus types when they are low wagering, because the average gambler loves to play yet wants to win or break even at some point.

Matched deposit bonuses are new player promotions in which your first deposit(s) are increased by the house by a certain percentage of said first deposit(s). Gamblers love this deal. Free money from the beginning is certainly a strong incentive. Casinos know that the more money you have from the start, the better new customers can get acquainted with the game selection, low wagering rules if applicable, app compatibility, account services, and more. You will have to have some money of your own get your match casino bonus, but depending on the rates of each match deposit and their stipulations, you stand to win and win big. Just check to see if your casino coupon code has low wagering requirements. For example: The first matched deposit bonus could be a 100% match of up to $400, the second 100% for up to $200, and the third 100% for up to $100. This promo would likely be advertised as a new player bonus worth up to $1400. Not bad at all, but is it a low wagering $1400 bonus? Be sure to check before making a commitment on a matched deposit bonus.

Why Are They So Popular?

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No deposit bonuses are very coveted in the online gambling world. Most gamblers, new and old, like the idea of a bonus that requires no initial deposit on their part. These promo bonus offers are very straight forward, offering free money upon account set-up (in some cases, before making an account). With a no deposit casino bonus -- some as low as $15, others as high as $100--players don't have to invest right away into a site they still aren't sure about. Usually, they get enough money from the house to test the waters before fully committing to it. Low wagering no deposit bonuses are another bonus combo that could get you the best bang for your buck, since low wagering requirements for your winnings means more pocketed cash.

Lastly, online casinos offer free spin bonuses, all ranging from low wagering to high wagering. Nearly every gambling site we have come across has a free spin casino bonus offer, and with good reason. The main attraction for these sites is slots, which have only become more entertaining and addictive to play across all platforms over the years. Free spin bonuses are just that--free spins. Free spin bonus offers are often attached to matched deposit or no deposit new player bonuses, to round out one big new player promotion for the casino. Like the other two bonuses, free spins are subject to wagering rules and benefit players most if they have low wagering requirements.

Betting Requirements Explained

Low wagering, high wagering, no wagering: What are wagering requirements, exactly? They are rules referring to the number of times a casino bonus must be rolled over, played through, gambled, betted, or, obviously, wagered, before players can pocket their earnings. Called playthrough policies and rollover obligations as well, wagering requirements are a casino's necessary evil that can snowball into an unfair disadvantage to their players.

Gambling sites need new players to do more than claim a bonus and leave. If all promotions were handled this way, casinos would go under all the time. Wagering requirements level the playing field, helping to maintain the house edge by tying the "free" money given to new players to the casino's game selection. Players are then tied to the casinos they join for as long as the bonus rolls over. This is a good business tactic, but it can be taken too far. The mark of an untrustworthy casino is a bonus with ludicrously high betting requirements. To reel customers in, the match deposit and no deposit promos are seemingly higher than the competition's casino bonuses. Players dive in expecting to cash out after just a few games, only to learn their gameplay must continue 80x, 90x, 100x times over. Players always lose money before meeting high wagering stipulations, and no one looks forward to that.

Why Low Wagering Casino Bonuses?

The best promotions, by far, are low wagering casino bonuses. Low wagering matched deposit bonuses, low wagering no deposit bonuses, and low wagering free spin bonuses are all excellent promotions that anyone from any experience level can claim. While players can still have losing streaks with low wagering bonuses, the chances of winning or breaking even with low wagering requirements are much better than ones that are high wagering.

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Wagering amounts range from 10x to 100x, and some run even higher depending on the casino. If your goal is the win some and lose some, or to at least break even in a decent amount of time, you want to look for low wagering conditions under 30x. Wagering requirements are tolerable between 30x and 50x, but low wagering for us is below 30x. Over 50x, and you will find that your bonus offer is not worth the trouble, and soon you will be on the hunt for a better site. If so, we hope you will run to low wagering promotions to get your gambling fix.

Final Thoughts

We want gamblers to be aware of the low wagering vs. high wagering requirements that can make or break their casino bonuses. We hope you now understand the value of low wagering promotions and encourage you to seek them out in earnest. Your experience at a gambling site with low wagering numbers will be better than that of your peers. You can bet on it.